Final development stage: Following Peer Feedback.

Once I had finished my work by the given suggested deadline, I was told I was to present my work as an exhibition space and allow people to leave anonymous feedback in a book placed alongside my work.

Sadly, I only gained one comment in my feedback book which was completely positive; and although it is quite uplifting to receive such encouragement from peers, I do like to know a way in which I can improve in order to be consistently learning and growing as an illustrator.

Fortunately, we later were put into groups and had to present our work to the group thus allowing live feedback.

From the feedback the suggestions I received was primarily about my writing, to ensure that it was clear enough to allow the page to be easy to read, as when I had printed my work onto the paper, the colours had dulled slightly creating a less contrasting image as shown on my screen. I took this advice and went on to create updated versions of my images:


piece 1piece 8


piece 1piece 8


Displayed below are all the final renders taking aboard the advice given by peers in order for the improvement of the illustrations:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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