Creating the Final Pieces.

To give myself potential inspiration/ motivation/ ideas for my final pieces, I began by responding to the lecture with ‘roughs’, which is a method of idea generation I learnt from a workshop from Level 4 Illustration by one of my lecturers Chris Glynn.

These were the outcomes of using the method of instantly drawing anything that comes to mind the same time that the lecture is playing.

Before creating my final Illustrations (Which I aimed to do 10 of in order to fill the spikes) I did 5 concept drawings for each illustration, which totals in 50 drawings prior to creating the final pieces.

To illustrate, here is a concept and a final piece following my favourite concept:

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In order to make these Illustrations, I used a lot of layering methods on a software I use called Paint Tool SAI. I also showed the process of creating my pieces in my sketchbook by recording the vital steps of my work. I would first draw the silhouettes of the shapes I’d want to appear in the image, select those shapes, invert, then erase the colour around those shapes to leave the shapes created in just the colour layer.

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I then continued with this process for the remainder of my illustrations.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In one illustration, you can see the colour is different to the rest, being a more ‘orangey’ tone. This is to signify the main body of the story being over, and that there is no more danger. As orange signifies happiness again.

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