Constellation: Philosophy of Creativity

Within this session, we looked at the writings by Philosophers Maria Kronfeldner and Margaret Boden. Both papers surround the subject of creativity and what the definition of creativity is, or what it should be.

There were multiple debates held in the class, one regarding if Dr Who Cosplay, a ‘Jackson Pollock like’ Painting, the bombing of Hiroshima or making a cup of tea was a creative process, using the information or suggested elements which forms creativity given by Kronfeldner and Boden.

There was a large amount of controversy surrounding whether or not making a cup of tea was in fact a creative process or not. One member of the study group said that it was, as you are mixing multiple components together to create one single outcome, thus creating an end product, where as other argued against that claim suggesting that it would only be creative if one were to break the common routine of tea making, perhaps by adding some never used before ingredients, such as mixing cucumber and fairy liquid into the tea. Sure it sounds revolting, yet as it has not been done or documented before, it is unknown what the end result would be, making that a creative process as you are stepping outside of the norm and spontaneously adding random flavours or objects even into the tea.

This was an amazing start to the study group as I enjoyed reading both papers and engaging in class discussion surrounding the subject of creativity, and has already given me ideas surrounding the forefront of my essay: what will the future of art hold if computers were to be creative, as I find this possibility to be quite dark, yet it is highly possible to occur as technology is consistently evolving.

I look forward to the future sessions and the opinions that I will learn thus giving me a whole new perspective of what it takes to be a creative artist.

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