Audience Workshop

Today, I got to sit through a workshop hosted by a new lecturer to my course.

It was a lovely experience as not only did I learn a grand amount about how to find the best response possible to a brief given through audience and form, but I also got to learn about the new lecturer, Jo.

In the lecture we discussed methods to condensing the amount of possible forms of response to a given brief to those most suitable for the audience and purpose of the illustration itself. To begin we worked in a group to find a possible outcome to produce to a given difficult brief, incorporating the ideal audience and purpose of the brief.

We were given the brief to “Explain why people with Parkinsons shake to children”. This is what our group came up with:


This workshop was highly influential within the development of my work as I then realised what type of illustrations I would like to include within my 3D interactive illustrative model.

I decided that I would like my piece to be able to be presented in the form of an interactive museum piece, or for it to be it’s own artists object that people can purchase as an object within their own home, therefore as the model is going to be slightly abstract, I want the illustrations to be informative, in case it were to be used in a museum. Therefore, as the woman who hosts the TED Talk lecture that I chose is a biologist, physicist etc. she mentions many facts about nautical life, which would be interesting to present in my response.


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