Illustra-TED Brief: Initial Ideas.

For this brief, we have been told to listen to a TED talk of our own choosing, and curate a body and final piece in an Illustrative response.

I decided to listen to the TED Talk called ‘How I Became Part Sea Urchin’ by a woman named Catherine Mohr. In this TED talk she discusses a situation which took place when she was deep sea diving photographing sharks, where she got stung by a sea urchin. This event further progressed to the end point where a sea urchin spine lodged inside one of Mrs Mohr’s finger travelled to her pelvis, and merged with her bone structure, thus making her part Sea Urchin.

Immediately when listening to this brief I decided that I want to do something different to any work which I had produced prior to the summer break. As the TED Talk contains so many stories, and large quantities of information, I could take my response in many different directions. This time I have decided that I would like to possibly create an interactive illustrative piece, in 3D.


My initial thought is the 3D piece could be very captivating, as a Sea Urchin naturally has an interesting shape, therefore, potentially if I were to create it with a similar/ identical form to an urchin but added an abstract form of colour on top, then it would make the piece even more enticing.


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