First Session Back- Enquire Choreograph, Grow.

Within this session, we reflected on how successful we believe we carried out the summer project, and also started to think about who we are as an illustrator.

I have written a previous post regarding the response to my summer project/ how I believed I carried out the process of curation of the work, although I have not previously written a post purely about who I believe I am as an Illustrator.

We were asked to think of a 3d object or shape that describes us as an illustrator, and to then create a poster about myself, setting myself personal aims, rules, and illustrating the way that I view my practice.


This is the poster I created in response to the enquiry of ‘Who am I as an Illustrator?’

My 3D object was wool and knitting needles. It is possible that the object had subconscious influence through me previously watching a knitting video, intrigued in the process, although I believe it managed to fully capture what I believe my job as an illustrator is.

The wool had the layout of the world/ globe, although it is in red and black. This was to show how I constantly see evil and sadness in the world. The woollen ball also is to represent my cluster of thoughts/ views/ opinions that I have, that is so clustered there is no view of when the opinions and sadness will end. Although, the needles are to represent myself. How the needles need human contact in order to create some form of object. Thus being me taking these opinions/ misery/ disaster within society into my practice and responding to it.

The result of the knit is showing an oyster, and in a more happy/ calmer colour scheme to that of the woollen ball. This is to represent the world being my oyster, and how I enjoy turning something negative into something positive and/or beautiful.

I enjoy making people happy, or making people understand that they need to change the way they are approaching their day to day life in order to rectify mistakes that us as humanity have created.

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