End of Year Show Review

Over the past week there has been an end of degree show going on at Cardiff Metropolitan University, celebrating the success of the students whom have studied art courses throughout the year, as they displayed their final outcomes proudly.

I managed to look through all floors of the degree show. Artist Designer Maker, Textiles, Ceramics, and of course, Illustration.

I found Illustration, Textiles and Artist Designer maker’s shows to be the highest standard, as the work displayed was captivating and incredible to witness.

There were two Illustrators in particular that stood out to me. These were Emily Jayne Coupe, and Emily Durman.

Emily Durman created 3D characters for an illustrated child’s book on the theme of “Journeys”. I found her work professional as I could see it being published and children collecting the small toy animals related to her work. I didn’t manage to get a clear photograph of her work at the time but I managed to find her Instagram page and located an image of her development of some of the characters used within her book:

Her Instagram page is @em_ily_illustrations.

The other illustrator’s work that stuck with me is by Emily Jayne Coupe.

Emily Jayne Coupe’s work explores mental health through responding to different texts with abstract work, much like the Rorschach ink blot test used when diagnosing schizophrenia. This means everyone has a different response to Emily Coupe’s work which starts a discussion about her work, and people looking deeper into her other pieces to attempt to find ‘clues’, further drawing the public into her work.

I also found the colours used within her work to look visually satisfying, and the technique used to be intriguing.

Again, I wasn’t able to get a good photo as there was lighting glare on the book when attempting to capture a photograph of her work, although I managed to locate her Instagram and found work that she has created that was similar to what I saw in her final book.

Emily Jayne Coupe’s instagram page is @ejcoupe94_.

Overall, I thought the show was very helpful as I was able to see the standard of work I should be aiming for in my 3rd year, and how to present my work and myself as an illustrator in the future.

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