End of In Contexts: A Review of Practice.

This particular module has been extremely beneficial to me as an Illustrator, as I have been able to experience what working under commission conditions would be like (Through Assignment 2, The Day is for the Living and Swallowed by the Sea Editorial) and I have also been to explore my own creativity and experiment with different forms of illustration, such as how I created a Animatic for my first project (A Blank White Page) and created an interactive book for my final project (Re-Inventing the Past).

The work I am most proud of comes from my final project, as I pushed myself to break the boundaries of illustration and combine multiple forms within one book.

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These in particular are my favourite outcomes of that project. As even though I am happy with the outcome and proud to display it within my end of year show, I know that I am capable of doing even more, which makes me excited for future projects to see what I am able to produce.

I also enjoyed creating my animatic for a Blank White Page, as it was something that I had never done before, and was happy as my aim was to make it suitable for a child audience, and I believe I managed to do that; Although, I would have liked to animate the final piece more, to give it more liveliness.

I encountered an issue when handing in my portfolio to be marked, this is that I had lost the memory stick which had the final outcome on it as a back up, and the original footage had corrupted, which meant that I was only able to submit my mock footage. To avoid this in the future I will ensure to back up my work on another storage device and have a particular area within my work space where I keep memory sticks, and will have it clearly labelled so I am aware of what storage device holds what.

I also found myself being a lot more open to constructive to constructive criticism within this module, as I appreciated any suggestions on how to further improve my work, where as before I was scared to present my work to fellow students and my tutors in fear of being told negative comments, or having the fear that none of my work is good enough. Now I am more open and understand that it is best to get continuous constructive criticism so that if something goes wrong, you have more time to fix the error.

If I could re-do this module, I would focus on my time management as I found that I struggled with that most. To do this I will write schedules for myself and write to do lists to ensure that all work is completed within the deadline and that it is done to my best standard.

To summarise, this module helped me realise that I do in fact have the potential to be an illustrator.

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