Re-Inventing the Past: Final Outcome

My final piece that I managed to create was a mock up book, which had all the working functions of my ideal interactive finished book that I wished to create, as well as images of what the book would look like when finished which was made using Photoshop.

For my end of year show I decided to show my mock book as my final piece, as I believe its the piece that I’ve put the most work into and I’m most proud of, although I didn’t manage to get it to the finished standard that I wished for.


I also managed to get the HP Reveal app to work with each book. I created hybrid images combining both the descriptive ink illustrations with the abstract marker illustrations and used the images formed for the overlay whilst the music created for the particular building would play through the app.

Example song:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am happy with the outcome of these images as I believe these also work quite well as their own illustrations.

Overall I found this project to be exciting and intriguing as I experimented with different ways to illustrate a story or a time or a place, through image, video, music, and interaction.

I also did a large amount of observational drawings, experimenting with different materials and thoroughly enjoyed the research within Saint Fagans itself.

I am happy with my final outcome, although if I had the chance to do it again, I would do work more often than focusing mainly on development, once I have decided on my final style, instead of creating multiple roughs to ensure that it works, I would create one piece can be used, so that if it is successful, I can make the final product straight away.

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