Re-Inventing the Past: Illustrating Architecture

I decided to make my architectural illustrations a lot more descriptive than narrative to contrast the abstract art I was creating for the music, offering a contrast in pieces throughout my final piece.

I have always had an interest in John Piper’s art, the simplicity of colours and detail, yet the power his art shows is striking.

John Piper was an English painter (13th December 1903- 28th June 1992). His work usually focused on British landscapes and monuments.

Image result for John piper art

This piece of Piper’s shows sparing use of colour and not too much detail within the building.

As my abstract piece involved a lot of block colour, I have decided that I want my architectural illustrations to be in black and white tone to again contrast that of each buildings pairing abstract piece.

I started off by illustrating Cilewent Farmhouse.

Sadly, whilst going through my photos I realised that I was not able to capture the whole building due to the length of the building itself not being able to fit in the frame of the photo. To resolve this issue I used the photos that I had as a guide and drew the remainder of the building from memory and experimented with perspectives.

image1 (8)

I then went on to create two versions of the farmhouse, one done with marker, the other done with ink and pen.image2-1.jpeg


image1 (9)


I appreciated the ink illustration more than the marker illustration as it showed a strong contrast between light and dark. I found incorporating John Piper’s style within these illustrations to be difficult due to the difference in style of buildings, so I compromised by using certain characteristics of Piper’s work, such as only lining certain parts of the building and as Piper is sparing with colour I was sparing with shading.

I liked the contrast the architectural piece had to my abstract piece, so have decided to stick to this style throughout the course of creating my pieces.



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