Re-Inventing the Past: Creating my Musical Illustrations

To create my musical illustration, I first started off by drawing immediately what came to my mind whilst simultaneously listening to the music I had created for Cilewent Farmhouse. The first results I was unhappy with as I believed they didn’t give a strong enough representation of my song. These were the initial results: The first image was done with coloured pencils, the second with coloured inks.

image2image1 (7)

I found that I was beginning to overthink the colours and shapes used, and ended up getting carried away in the process, so I revisited my artist research and focused on Kandinsky’s work.

After doing this I decided to create some concepts for a possible solution to this illustration.

I also worked out what colours to use by linking it to what I pictured within my own imagination whilst listening to my musical composition. Brown, white and black as standard muted colours, and green (to represent grass around the farmhouse), red (to represent a log fire, and impending danger as life around these ages were unsafe due to diseases, crime and insufficient health and safety measures) and yellow (to show sun, fire, and happiness)


This was a coloured compositional sketch I came up with, although I thought this design was still quite bare, so I revisited Kandinsky’s work one last time and found how he would fill the whole page with lines, shapes, curves and colours. I then did the same with whichever way the pen in my hand wished to go whilst listening to the music.


This was the result of the above method. I ended up using markers. pencil and ink to get smooth colour (with markers) and pencil to colour in smaller areas and to add texture.

I am happy with this result and will be taking it aboard whilst creating my other illustrations.

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