Re-Inventing the Past: St. Fagans- The Initial Exploration

This project consists of me as an illustrator exploring many different contexts, conducting imperative deep research and experimenting with possible final outcomes.

To give a condensed form of my brief, I must create a piece of my choice, whether it be a book, an animatic, a poster or any form of illustrative art, using St Fagans as my inspiration.

During my trip to St. Fagans, I drew live observational sketches, and also went on to draw more detailed images from memory and from images when returning to my work space.

Here are a few photos that I gathered to help inspire me to think of my project basis:

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To help come up with ideas on what I would base my project on, I decided to draw some of the images that I took and wrote up any ideas that happened to pop into my head whilst creating the pieces. These are a few of what I managed to come up with:


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There was one single part of my exploration of St Fagans that seemed to stick with me, which was the music room within St Fagans castle, there were many reasons of this, a few being the fact that I have always had an interest in music as well as art. Art being more of a passion as a whole due to the feeling of being more free with what I create and being able to experiment a lot more, music also has allowed me to express myself where art may not have been able to. This room left a haunting feeling upon myself, as there were unplayed instruments staring back at me, almost being saddening to look at. Then I started thinking what music would have been played by those instruments if they were to be used in their time zone.

This sparked the fascination in what music would have been played in each area, in each time, what instruments were used? How would people dance to it? Would they dance? Or would they sing, march or fight?

These questions left me wanting to explore in search for the possible answers. I then ventured back to St Fagans at a later date, this time for a more precise search for resemblance to music, as well as information regarding when each building was created, where, and what music was popular during the period which each building was created in.


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