Re- Inventing the Past: Exploring Musical Context

After deciding on what I was going to base my project on (the evolution of musical styles within architecture) I decided to re-visit St.Fagans focusing on finding research which would aid me in forming my project, this being looking for any artifact/ architectural detail which may resemble a relation to music, also making sure to find buildings from different musical eras. I managed to gather the following images:


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I also managed to get a wide range of buildings from different time periods with correlating music styles, giving a wide range of musical genres to explore within my project creation.

As I took GCSE music I happen to be able to recall which musical genres were popular in which time periods. I wrote this down so I would be able to refer back to it when exploring musical genres relating to the buildings creation.

32367285_2155488594466730_1827088682675339264_n After writing this, I wrote down multiple buildings I would like to include and their date of creation.

Whilst doing this I came across the thought of others not being able to experience the historical architecture of St Fagans, perhaps of illness or not being in an area which would allow easy access to the “museum”. This then lead me to think of making my project something that could be sold as a St Fagans souvenir, or for educational purposes, yet still keeping it illustrative and linked to my practice.

I decided to make my final piece a book, containing multiple illustrations of buildings, and musical notation, yet find a way of playing the music through the book. That way people who are not able to visit St.Fagans will still be able to view buildings and have an artistic, interactive experience with the architecture and will simultaneously be educating themselves on the evolution of buildings and music throughout history. Also, this book can be sold to generate more funding to run St Fagans, as the public are able to enter for free, this would be able to contribute to the running of the museum.

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