Editorial Adventures: My Final Outcome

After experimenting with roughs and colour schemes, I managed to come up with my final piece (my featured image above)

In this piece I tried to show how those in Bangladesh are suffering, even though they are the ones providing for us, by producing so much pollution, we’re damaging their economy, health and lifestyles. I attempted to illustrate this by showing fumes coming out from the car exhaust, which inputs a substantial amount of pollution into the atmosphere. I also showed a farmer protecting a plant from the toxic rain, showing that the plant is important to him, whether it be because of money, or if its’shis child that he’s trying to guard from the toxic rain. Finally I created a circle border to show that the viewer is squinting, or looking through a peep hole to view the reality of what we are doing as we don’t tend to think about what we are doing to the environment whilst driving into work for the day, or driving home for the summer holidays. By our act of selfishness of using a car instead of using public transport, or vehicles which don’t pollute such as a bicycle, we are making those less fortunate suffer; hence why the number plate on the car says NA17 EUS, which looks like “Naive us” as we’re not aware of what damage we are truly causing.

Overall, I found this project exciting as I experimented with many methods of coming up with multiple concepts and improving my own drawing skills of everyday objects, which will help me continuously throughout the future, and I will continue to do throughout my life as an illustration student/ future illustrator.

If I could redo the image, I would add more depth in colour to grasp more attention.


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