Editorial Adventures: Illustrators with Impact.

In order to further expand my knowledge of illustration and techniques, I have found multiple Illustrators who’s work stands out to me and makes me even more enthusiastic with this project at hand.


Wenqing Yan is a young Chinese Illustrator, currently living in California. Wenqing stated that when growing up in China, the parents would “compete or show off their child like some sort of hobby”, and Wenqing was made to focus on art for this competitive focus.

According to Wenqing Yan, Deviant Art helped her tremendously to grow as an artist as she was able to view fellow artists works and view tutorials.

Wenqing Yan’s work stood out to me as she has quite a few pieces relating to my chosen subject to base my project on. Climate Change.

The following is some of my favourite works that she creates relating to climate change, more specifically, the causes of climate change:


I find these pieces to be powerful as both images illustrate to one major factor to the occurance of climate change: Pollution.

The first image “Guilty” is striking as at first glance it could appear to be something beautiful, for example I saw a mermaid admiring a friendly jelly fish at first glance, but the more you look at the image the more disturbing it becomes.  It’s similar to a ‘Where’s Wally?’ game yet instead of finding a funny dressed character, you find more disturbing shocking sections showing the sad reality of what the world is coming to.

The same goes for her second image “Black Black Heart”. Although it is clear that the world doesn’t look the same way as Wenqing Yan depicts it within this image, it makes you ask questions.. such as “Is this what the sea life in polluted waters think the world is really like?” or “Will the world really look like this?” or “Why are we letting the world get to this point?”, all these questions opens the viewers mind into thinking about what could be done to stop these horrific events from happening.


Igor Morski is a Polish graphic designer, illustrator and set designer.

Morski has produced many semi realism and realistic works involving nature which provokes viewers into thinking if his realistic pieces are infact realistic representations of what is happening, or will happen.

The following Morski piece grasped my attention the most out of his other creations:

Image result for Igor Morski

This Illustration depicts how humanity is effecting the Earth in a grasping, exaggerated manner.

Although the image is metaphorical within the action of the people literally setting fire to the world, it shows the literal meaning of humans making the world warmer through pollution and mistreatment.

I find this piece to be effective as the contrast between light and dark grasps the attention of the viewers and also makes his stance of climate change obvious, also as it is so grasping it grabs the attention of viewers, and sheds light to the reality which is climate change/ global warming.


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