Editorial Adventure: The Initial Roughs.

In this brief we have been told to read an article written on the opinions section within The New York Time Pages, and create an illustrative response to our chosen article, and to of course be experimental and broad with investigation.

To begin this editorial brief, I first chose which article to read. I decided that I would like to do a written response to the opinion article named “Swallowed By The Sea”, which is an article discussing the reality of climate change and how it is not only effecting our lands but also innocent lives. To explain in further details, it informs the readers how the gradual development of climate change is greatly effecting the island of Kutubdia, Bangladesh. The article elaborates on this by saying how climate change is making the sea water rise and the water is swallowing up the land of Kutubdia, destroying un-fortunate villagers farms and crops, rendering them pennyless. This in turn effects their children as the parents are put out of business by their farms being destroyed, and have no choice but to marry off their young daughters to older wealthier men to ensure that they have a better chance of a healthy future.

I found this article to be emotionally empowering as it made me want to do something to help bring awareness to the reality of what climate change is and how it’s effecting those less fortunate than the ones contributing to global warming.

To begin working on my responses I decided to record myself reading the article so that I could draw responses whilst the audio of what I was responding to was playing in the background. I found that this way I was able to draw whilst simultaneously coming up with other ideas which I could use as my response to the article.

These are just a few of the sketches that I achieved using this method:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In order to further my project I am going to carry out some artist research to discover what Illustrators have created content linking to this theme or a similar one and see how they achieved powerful, effective images and see to see if there is any technique which stands out to me, or gives me inspiration to try something different to my initial roughs.

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