Project 2 Assignment 1: The Day is For the Living

Within this project we were given the task of listening to a podcast of our choice and coming up with a final image depicting what our impression is of the podcast/ what the podcast is about/ what it achieves/ or to advertise to podcast.

As this was a fast pace one week project I decided to stick with the first podcast which we happened to listen to as an example in our briefing; the podcast was called “The Day is For the Living” By Hilary Mantel.

I took notes of all the rules and requests made by the ‘Commissioner’ and went on to make roughs/ fast pace drawings of what appeared in my imagination whilst listening to it the first time around. These are what I achieved in my first time listening to the podcast.

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After making these images I sat through a workshop held by one of my lecturers, Chris Glynn, in which we learned new techniques of how to make quick concept sketches in order to achieve as much experimentation as possible within a short time scale, which I have talked about in an earlier post.

I then decided to bring these techniques to this podcast and listen to it again, in which achieved the following results:


When doing the roughs on the image on the left hand side above, I had a sudden realisation that I was doing was Mantel would have been doing within her work, which was creating a map of what she was looking at, what she was going to look at next, and her discoveries.

Because of this, I decided to include this in my final outcome as it would give the viewer an insight into how it is to work as Hilary Mantel.

Whilst conducting my research, I also discovered that Mantel has an interest in collecting stationary, so decided to leave a hint of that within my final piece also.

Scattered throughout the layout of my final piece are either topics which Mantel had discussed within her lecture, or parts of her lifestyle which I uncovered whilst researching her.


I decided to have the piece in different medias to represent how Mantel would use different resources when searching for information about history, also to attempt to create an odd contrast within the image which I did to aim to catch the eye of the viewer on whichever platform this image would be displayed on.

Although, when I have the time, I would like to use a different style of digital work to be able to fit within the style of the other components which make up the image.

Displayed below are the various traditional pieces I created to make up the final piece:

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I found this project highly insightful in to how work would be as an illustrator and the pressures I would have to face within my practice.

I highly enjoyed working with different materials and being more rough with my work, as I find that I like to put a lot of detail into my work which leaves for not much time for experimentation, yet this project has allowed me to have more fun with my production of work. Due to this I will be taking this method forward to my future assignments and projects.


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