In a workshop hosted by one of my lecturers, Chris Glynn, we explored how ‘rough’ concept sketches can be.

We did this by experimenting with lines, scribbles, materials and creativity.

In this we experimented with random lines to create interesting shapes. Here are my creations:


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We then went on to draw multiple random ‘scribbles’ and used our creativity to attempt to turn those scribbles into drawings of birds.

Here were my results:


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Finally we had to listen to some text and illustrate using controlled lines what we imagined. Sadly I was not able to attend the workshop at that time due to illness, so I decided to find audio of a poem being narrated and illustrated that instead with ‘roughs’. The Poem was called “She Walks in Beauty” By George Gordon, Lord Byron.


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I then decided to combine what I had learned in the workshop into one single image to put into perspective what I had learned from the techniques taught by Chris Glynn.


This piece took about 5 minutes to create.

I also decided to do a more finalised version of one of my roughs made whilst listening to my chosen poem.

I decided to use marker in this piece as I intended just to lay colour down in experimentation quickly as I didn’t believe it would be so effective, yet I was intrigued by how the final product looked so decided to use marker in finer detail to make the colour of the piece fairly realistic but not too over detailed as the point of this workshop was how to create work in a fast time scale in order to supply the commissioner with concept art/ draft finals.

I was happy with the outcome of this piece as I found it powerful in the way the words almost counteracted the image, as the image itself, if you were to look at each section separately looks fairly normal, but the way that each part of the image is tied together almost makes it quite grotesque to observe.


From this workshop I now understand how to make quick sketches of concept pieces from my imagination without putting too much detail in and without having to think too much about the presentation of the image.

I will be taking these techniques forwards with me to help create my final piece for this project.

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