Animation Project: Zhirenshi: Everyone has their place

This week we experimented with creating animations of our city.

To explain in more detail, we created an animatic in which we tried to relay the purpose/ function/ history of our city within.

As there are only a few members of our group who do animation, us illustrators tried to assist as much as possible. I, for example decided to help with backgrounds of the animations as well as finding sound effects, and creating non moving images that later got animated.

The roles given to the group were as follows:

Samantha Williams – Stop frame animation of train with character inside

Bethan Price – Editor/ opening clip of poster/ static intervals and animator

Amy Grimble – Animation assistant and background artist

Bobbi Coey-Davis – Animation of moving train

Austin Mills – Security watching over the city animation

Stephanie Chu – Design for the score dropping on Doctor Character for helping a low scored patient

Joseff Cox –  Designing farming district character

Rob McClory-  Upper district person punching someone from slums

Sarina Sehjal –  Final digital pieces for speaker and camera animated
Marta Aroba-  Gif of workers in the field

I worked on the background in one of the frames taken from the animation shown below:


I also created an edit of the city emblem for the final scene of the animatic, displayed below, I thought this image was powerful as vandalism of the city emblem shows the utter disrespect and rebellion shown towards the city from the lower class.

I also found links to royalty free sound effects and music to use in the animatic:

Busy street sound effect:

Camera zoom sound effect:

Possible Music:

I also digitised some traditional pieces created by a team member in order for it to be possible to animate the images digitally.

The originals are shown alongside my digitised versions below:


Everyone in the group managed to give some form of input to the creation of the animation. Although there was another member in our group who did not produce any work to assist the group in achieving the objectives. Therefore we did not credit him in the presentation.

The finished animatic is shown below:

I am pleased with the final outcome of the task as the video was of good length and displayed peace and serenity, yet also showed the dramatic twist of the animation contradicting that of which was being spoken over the speakers in the city. That of which being a propaganda speech that Bobbi and Austin wrote from the perspective of the leader of the city. The outcome of the speech was as follows:

“Welcome to Zhirenshi. The city that gives power back to you, the people. Safety, prosperity, equality and freedom for all, are the ideals we have used to forge a path towards a free society. But remember it has not been simple, There are both glorious and tragic pages in our history. But thanks to our social credit system we can now ensure that everyone finds their place. Zhirenshi. By the people. For the people.”

After we had completed the work and received good feedback from our presentation we had to put an exhibition together to display our work. Bethan, Bobbi, Sarina, Austin and I all managed to make it to the area in which our exhibition was located in order to put the work together in a grand display.

Overall, I found this whole module to be thoroughly insightful into how I will have to work in the future and has allowed me to learn my personal strengths and weaknesses when it comes to collaborative work.

My Strengths:

Organisation- I like to make sure everyone understands their assorted jobs and requirements in order to reach the objectives of the task at hand.

Taking charge- If someone happens to not carry out the work they agreed to do, I will make sure that the work is done in order to make sure the outcome is as high of a standard that I can achieve as possible. I also tend to go for the jobs that involve a large amount of work as I know that I will complete it, thus improving the chance of getting an end result of good quality.

Determination- Once I have set myself a goal, I will not stop until I am satisfied that I have achieved it.

Experimental- I found that I am willing to attempt anything that a fellow team member asks of me in order to assist them with their work when I am able. For example in the animation brief I worked with animation software to ensure that I created backgrounds of the correct dimensions, and also worked with new technology (Wacom cintiq’s) to make sure the result fitted in with the work that was already done by the original member who requested some form of assistance.

My Weaknesses:

Perfectionism- I will tend to get carried away working on a single item of work until I am completely satisfied where it is not always required.

Taking too many jobs on- As I said in my strengths, I do anything to assist someone who requests for it, although I will end up putting too much stress on myself as I am helping multiple other people with their

Reflection on group:

Personally, I believe that those who put effort into this module worked sufficiently well in this group, although we were faced with the issue of 3 members of our team producing next to no work in this project. We also attempted to talk to these members multiple times and only got a little result, that being that two of the three team mates managed to contribute work in the final animation project. The other group member did not end up producing any work to contribute to the collaborative module, although I ensured the notify a lecturer in charge of the module to inform them of this issue, and was informed that they understand the problem at hand.

Overall it was an informative experience to be able to have an accurate insight of what getting a job in the future would be like and how to achieve strong results with a group, even if you are faced with obstacles.



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