Collaboration Week 2: Illustration Project

To begin this project, we began by having a group discussion on how the city would work in terms of specific members of the Zhirenshi civilisation.

Sam Williams first came in with a possible background story to 2 characters which explains not just the way the city functions, but also the idea of rebellion amongst the city.

Once this initial idea was made, we managed to branch off and come up with more details/ in depth background stories to characters which we believed would be intriguing.

Once we discussed what characters we would illustrate we gave people their own roles, shown below.

I volunteered to work on the leader of the resistance as I believed he had a strong role in the story of rebellion of the city, and felt like I had a strong idea of how the character should appear.

I went on to create the following images of the leader:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Bethan Price and I decided to then create the presentation to display the characters made by the members of the group, shown on this link:

I found this project to be fun as I was in my realm of illustrating, which is where I feel most comfortable and was able to take a good amount of control over the group to ensure as much work was produced as possible.

The following is the rest of the work produced by fellow team members:

Samantha: Elderly couple

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sarina: Leader of the city

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Austin: Security Guard

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Steph: Sympathetic Doctor

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Bobbi and Rob: Background Characters

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Bethan: People from the Slums

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am also pleased with the quality of work produced as we managed to create interesting characters and managed to share a good amount of information about each character in the presentation.


The only issue I had in this project was the fact that 3 members from the group did not give any input to the creation of the characters in the city. We have talked to these group members after the presentation and they understand that they have to get more involved in the next project.

I am looking forward to starting the last and final topic of this collaboration module: Animation, as I have always been curious as to how animation works so will be able to see first hand and learn how to assist in animation.


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