Graphics Project- Zhirenshi: The Beginning

After coming to a group agreement of what our city was going to be named, we began creating the required pieces to meet the set criteria of this project.

Bethan and I began our part of the work by finding images online showing similar meanings to our city. I managed to put a pinterest board together of some of my findings:

We also found posters on Pinterest which we thought may be helpful when creating ours. We found the use of block colours/ simple shapes stood out to us. We also found that each place seemed to reference a famous part/ landmark of their city/ country.

Me and Bethan decided to word on a possible landmark for our city as we believed it could feature on the poster as it would be the most recognised part of Zhirenshi.

We decided to base the landmark on the Chinese symbol meaning “People” as our city is meant to be ‘all about the people’ although it is secretly about controlling people to do what they wish.

I created a concept sketch to get a better grasp on what this landmark would look like:


We then used this concept sketch to create the poster.


This was the final design of the poster. We believe that the outcome was successful as the use of a sunset sky shows calmness and beauty, yet the red undertone shows the uprising of evil, which fits in with the subtle manipulation of the civilians we are aiming to achieve in our city.

We then got the work back from the rest of the group as shown below:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After all work was completed Bethan and I created a power point in preparation for our presentation in front of the rest of the groups. We found putting the presentation somewhat stressful as we found it difficult to receive the work completed by the rest of the group promptly, hence making us finish the presentation too close to the deadline for comfort, however despite our stress we were able to present our ideas successfully to the other groups and to the lecturers.


Scripts from the presentation:

Script written by me:

Scripts written by Bethan:

Although, we did run into a slight issue with certain members of our group not being able to attend the presentation, 2 members were not present. One member made their absence known with the group by communicating this with us, although the other group member did not communicate their absence with us and did not contribute anything towards the work.

If this is to continue in the next section of field we have decided to have a conversation with the particular individual in order to make sure everyone is playing their part, although if the team member refuses to be more helpful we will have no option but to remove them from the group in order to ensure those contributing receive fair marks and not to be affected by those not completing their work.

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