Assigning Jobs- Idea Generation Continued

I decided to organise a group meeting in order to establish who would have what roll in completing the task at hand.

It was during this meeting that we encountered our first problem in this group exercise. It was made apparent that there was not enough communication given back throughout the group as a few members of the group did not attend this meeting.

Although 2 members of the group who were unable to attend did communicate with the rest of the group to ensure that we were aware of the reasoning behind their absence, 2 other members of the group did not make the group aware that they were not going to be able to attend this particular discussion. When brought up with one of the absent group members they decided they’d feel more comfortable being a different group.

This issue was later sorted out by roles being given through the use of social media messaging services to those who remained in the group.

The assigned rolls were as follows:

Me- Background research, Poster Design, Emblem assistance.

Bethan Price- Background research, Poster Design.

Samantha Williams – Poster Design

Sarina Sehjal – Emblem Design

Rob Mcclory – Flag Design

Bobbi Coey-Davis – Flag Design

Austin Mills – Map Design

Connor Rasmussen – Map Design

Amarteratsu Aroba – Help development of ideas

Hannah Richards- Removed self from group

Bethan and I decided to begin by brainstorming possible names for our city so that we would be able to create an eye catching/ compelling poster advertising our city.

After brainstorming and confirming with our fellow group members, we came to the agreement that we were going to name our city Zhirenshi.

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