The Brief – Generating Ideas.

In this collaboration section of my study, we have been given quite an open brief which will lead off into different explorations and tasks to show my capability of working in groups.

For our first task, we have been told that we will have to create a city and base it off a certain theme which we have been given during the initial briefing.

The possible themes are:


I have decided to stick to the theme of historical as I can see potential in this particular theme; I believed I would be able to achieve a large amount of research for this topic, in addition to this I would able to come up with a large range of ideas, which could therefore lead to a more successful outcome.

As there is not a very large amount of people who chose the theme of Historical, we all decided to get together into one group.

During the group meeting we brain stormed possible ideas and one particular idea seemed to stand out more than the others.

This was the fact that China is currently attempting to implement an app on their citizens mobile devices which rates people’s worth in points, to try and get the Chinese community to be as well behaved/ uniform as possible. We decided to take this and show how a city would look in the future if this particular app succeeds. The historical part of the city would be how the world is at this present time.

I will also be able to do research into how people have fought for individuality and how China’s laws have changed throughout the years, to bring more historical research and reliable information into this task.


We then decided to break off and carry out our own research into our chosen theme of our city to try and get as much information as possible.

Me and another group member decided to take out books documenting fights for individualisation and China’s laws and found intriguing quotes in the books which we found interesting which has the possibility of being useful when it comes to creating the city.

We also found information online about the app which is currently trying to be introduced to the Chinese community.

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