Beginning the module.

To begin the collaboration module, I was given with the task of working with multiple fellow illustrators to create a shadow puppet show, and as the time was fast approaching Christmas, the theme of the piece had to revolve around a Christmas story.

Whilst discussing what theme to link our show to, we all came to the agreement to base it around the tale of the Shoe Maker and the Elves.

We also discussed who would take on what roles for the group to ensure that we complete the task on hand in time.

These were the decided roles:


To begin my part of the work I decided to make a concept sketch to lay out a potential scene which would use a large amount of my creations. This was what I created:



Me and the group then went on to complete work for our specific roles. I ended up creating 2 elves (shown at 2:09), two versions of the shoe maker (0:07 and 0:45), a table (0:45), a chair(0:45), two versions of the shoe (0:45 and 1:43), and the coins (2:00).

I also volunteered to move the characters along with Samantha Williams, and I also edited the show together (putting the lips together and adding music/ sound effects).

Overall, I am fairly pleased with the end result of the project as I believe it managed to tell the tale in a fairly abstract manner.

The finished show:

Some images from the process of recording the show:

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Christmas Holidays Assignment

Over the Christmas Holidays I was given an assignment, which was to create 12 illustrations based on a news story given on a day I decide to illustrate.

To begin this task I decided to carry out a brainstorm, in which I thought about possible themes I can stick to in each illustration to make them flow, I also looked at possible types of news stories to do, for example if I wanted to document gruesome stories, happy stories or political progress.

image1 (3)

To prepare each illustration I researched into what the most recent news stories were for that day and chose one which stood out most. I then proceeded to make a few concept sketches to gain an idea of what I would like to lay out my official illustration.


For this particular piece, I ended up with the following final result:


I managed to make a total of 8 illustrations, although I did intend on making 12 of them, although as it was over the Christmas holidays, I was unable to break some family commitments I had made prior to receiving the brief.

All my illustrations I was able to create are pictured below:

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