Artist Research: Simone Lia

Simone Lia

Simone Lia is an English cartoonist and author.

Lia has written and illustrated many children’s books; some examples of her creations include Billy Bean’s dream and Little Giant. She has also illustrated multiple comics, such as Spoon and Golden Lions.

One of Lia’s more successful creations was a 4 part graphic novel named “Fluffy”. This graphic novel followed the life of a small rabbit named fluffy being cared for by an anxious man, who tries to inform Fluffy that he is not their father, although Fluffy stays in denial.

I find Lia’s pieces to be intriguing as she manages to display emotions in characters through a minimalistic style,  using only slight changes in each scene.

Lia’s use of limited colour palettes work hand in hand with the simplistic art style she uses to create her settings/ characters, furthermore the colours she uses in her practice helps set an emotion for each scene.

Although, I can see that her illustrations are clearly aimed at a younger audience due to the form of dialogue. For example, the simple structures of sentences and words makes it clear that it was made for children to understand; this implies that audiences of an older standing may not find her creations to be as captivating as a child potentially would.


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