‘Stolen Jacket’

For the past two weeks I have been working on a task which was designed to test my investigation skills as well as development and use of tools.

In this task I was able to pick a story out of a selection given, read/ annotate it and find ways to bring characters in the story to life, in this case the story I chose was called “King of the Peacocks”, which to summarise is a story about a princess who found a peacock and found it so beautiful that she refused to marry anyone but the “King of the Peacocks”; So her two Prince brothers went out on a search to find this King in order to get their sister wed, all whilst the Princess was being taken care of by a nursemaid (who the King and Queen assigned to take care of her after they passed).

Once the King of the Peacocks was found by one of the Princes who travelled to Peru, the Princess was delighted and wished to marry the king, although the nursemaid decided to attempt to sabotage the Princess’s wedding by successfully bribing the captain of the ship whom was taking the Princess to Peru to see the King, who then chucked the Princess into the middle of the ocean on a mattress. The nursemaid did this as her daughter was jealous of the Princess due to how she was getting married. Thankfully a poor husband and wife spotted the Princess in the ocean due to her dog being on the mattress with her and barking, so the husband pulled her into shore and allowed her to stay in his home.

When the nursemaid’s daughter arrived the King of the Peacocks believed that the Princes wished to trick him on purpose by swapping the princess with the “ugly girl”, and therefore threw the two Princes in jail.

The Princess’s dog (whilst the princess was still staying in the poor Sailor and his Wife’s house) went to the King’s castle to take food from the kitchen and brought it back to the family to eat. The king caught onto this and decided to follow the dog, who led him to the Princess. The two princes were then released from jail, the nursemaid and her daughter were thrown into jail and the King and Princess got married.

I annotated this story to get as much detail about the characters as possible.

To do this I started by noting the descriptions of the characters given in the story on a page in my sketchbook to help me when it came to designing the characters.


When annotating, I found that there was use of fruit imagery in the story, which led me to make the characters into fruits.


After designing these characters I went on to test different materials to help me improve my skills, as well as to come to a good selection of tools which would make my pieces/ investigation more easily achievable.



Once I decided to use Gouache and pencil as I found them less difficult to control on the page, also I found that they gave enough details and textures to create an interesting composition, I went on to work out how the characters would move from one place to another (bringing them to life).


After finding different methods that the characters could move around, I decided to attempt to show emotions in an apple, which I found difficult to do since I was unable to add body parts to the characters. So I decided to try out different colour schemes and postures to the apple to try to get the different emotions across (anger had dark colours and sharper edges to the apple, where as happy has bright, vibrant colours and has smooth edges).


I then decided to go back through the story and pin point important points in the story which would give an interesting image.

I decided to create 2 images which related to the story. I chose to use gouache and pencil on the part of the story in which the Princess first sees the peacock, and then used markers and pencils to illustrate the moment the Prince met the King of the Peacocks.



I was fairly pleased with how the first image came out (when the Princess meets the peacock* as I believe it shows the moment and the emotion in the princess successfully (the surprise and happiness). Although, I believe that the perspective I used was a safe one to go for, so decided when it came to drawing the King to have a strong use of perspective to show the dominance the King had over the Prince. I was really happy with how this image came out as I went out of my comfort zone yet it worked successfully.



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