Hybrid world: Evaluation

Hybrid worlds Evaluation

This project has helped me become more confident in my ability to draw from memory, as well as being more risky when it comes to my creative process. This is evident in how I ended up remembering a large amount of details in Insol Court and my bedroom (the areas that inspired my pieces),  and also managed to portray my piece in a way that was eye catching.

Although I would have liked to attempt to add different line strokes to my images to add more room for interpretation as I took a descriptive approach to my sketches/ drawings, by creating it too literally (adding realistic shapes/ shading/ strokes) where as I would have liked to have a more narrative look to my final outcomes.

My sketch of Insol Court from memory:


My sketch/ drawing of my room from memory:



My piece I created through memory of my room was also very descriptive, but I was also pleased with the emotional feeling that the piece portrayed, as I found that the markers I used with smooth shading helped the piece have a calming feeling, which showed my personal emotion when I remember my room as it is a place of sanctuary for myself.

My imagined world/ imagined world map:



My imagined world was a complete contrast to that of my drawings from memory as I managed to add many interesting line strokes/ patterns to make the piece more intriguing. I also had a 3D aspect to my piece as I had drawn a tree on a separate piece of paper and then used a scalpel to cut it out and stick it on to my large drawing, slightly going off the page to add more dimension to the image. Although, I find that the piece was too imaginative, and would like to find a balance between descriptive and narrative to give the piece more meaning and therefore make it more intriguing to the public.

During my critical, I had positive feedback, for example I was told that my drawings from memory were “eye catching” and “fascinating” as they had a lot of details, had a good contrast between light and dark, and had good shading, they also agreed with me saying that the pieces appeared to be more descriptive than narrative.

I was also told that my imagined world is very creative and eye catching due to the strong shading and concept of the image. I also had a suggestion from my tutor to combine both worlds together, for example tying my Insol Court drawing and world inside a shoe box together to create a hybrid world.

I decided to take this suggestion on board and attempt to successfully carry out a hybrid world which is descriptive, yet leaves enough room for interpretation by viewers.

I am happy with the result as I also managed to experiment with inks and a dip pen (which pushed me out of my comfort zone) to make my final piece different to my pieces in preparation, and believe that I successfully achieved my aim of making it more of a narrative piece.

My final outcome:


This project has taught me to be more risky/ daring with my creations, as I used materials that I am not used to using and a concept to a piece that I have never attempted before, which gave the final image an interesting aspect, and also made the creation process more eye opening.


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